Best Practices for Senior-Level Hiring

“Senior-level” management positions are those that belong at the top of the company hierarchy. Often, these are called “C-level” positions; the “C” stands for chief, which frequently forms the initial element in these job titles—e.g., chief executive officer (CEO), chief operating officer (COO), chief information officer (CIO), chief analytics officer (CAO), chief technology officer (CTO), […]

Key Qualities of a Great Manager

Good management is one of the most important elements of an  organization in today’s business world. That’s hardly a daring or controversial  statement; many people have learned the hard way that poor managers, even those  with the best of intentions, can cause serious problems for a company. But what  traits make up a truly first-rate […]

Hiring The Best: Top Qualities of Top Employees

Human resources are the most valuable resources of any company. When the time and money invested in training and onboarding even entry level employees is considered, the need for careful screening and hiring becomes glaringly obvious. Knowing how to spot top employees before they even start work will help companies ensure they are getting the […]

Create the Right Work Environment in Your Distribution Center

Your distribution center is a main hub for your business, handling millions of dollars in inventory and processing orders for clients, customers, and physical store locations every day. Since your distribution center is such a critical part of your supply chain, it must be a top priority to create the right type of work environment […]

Benefits of Creating a Company Culture

Hiring and retaining skilled, dependable employees is a goal shared by virtually all businesses, from fast-food restaurants to huge multinational corporations. But attracting top talent—however that term is defined by a particular company—is always much easier said than done.  One common strategy is to offer a salary that significantly exceeds those of industry competitors. Money, […]

Choosing a Retail Distribution Strategy

Successful retail isn’t just a matter of sticking up a sign or a website and announcing to the world that you have products for sale. It’s also a logistical game, a matter of making sure that you have the right goods in the right place at the right time to serve your customers. The best retail professionals […]