Recruitment methods for 2022

Using New Technology based recruitment website has driven major changes in how companies recruit right candidates. Recruitment hiring process includes oral/written interview scheduling and video interviewing process. Before companies reach the final interview stage, they first need to choose good recruitment methods so they can have a better talented candidate. Recruitment Methods? Recruitment is one […]

Social Recruiting: Everything You Need To Know

Nowadays digital natives are very trendy in the workforce. Whether you’re looking to fill junior positions or looking for leaders for senior roles, you need a strong social recruitment strategy to get the talent out of today’s candidates. How to use social media Platform for recruitment Whenever you post a job on your company’s social […]

How to Start a Career in Logistics

If you are interested in becoming a supply chain manager, project manager, or logistics manager, it is important for you to know how to start a career in supply chain logistics. Logistics plays an important role in the economy. By the simplest definition, the logistics industry is responsible for the transportation of goods. As a […]


Logistic recruitment is essential for any organization. There is a very small pool of quality candidates in the Logistics & Supply Chain Management industry, so it is a bit difficult to recruit the right talent. Weed out unwanted candidates in advance so that it doesn’t harm your business. The right person for the right seat […]

Supply Chain skills to look for in the hiring process

Whether your company is at the entry-level or pursuing experienced supply chain professionals, it is important to understand the development and functions of the company before hiring a good candidate. APPLY OMNICHANNEL THINKING. Forecasting supply and demand is important in supply chain management and logistics but does not apply well to supply chain talent. Only […]

Recruitment Strategies to Improve Your Hiring Process

The recruitment process is an integral part of running any business. Whether you are a small business owner, a hiring manager, an HR professional, or the CEO of a large company, you will have to recruit at some point in your career. An important strategy for your recruiting process relies on your employer brand. Your […]