Record-Breaking Demand for Warehouse and DC Development

May 27, 2021

The Warehouse and distribution center (DC) growth is increasing rapidly with the widespread economic impact of Covid-19. A number of companies are finding problems as they don’t have enough space and developers cannot build these DCs quickly enough to meet the requirements and demands.

The high demand for industrial products has kept developers busy. After mid-2020 there was more than 312 million square feet which was under construction. Due to Lockdown and stay-at-home orders, construction activities resumed and the number of deliveries spiked.  According to the data of JLL, the delivery of industrial space hits a new record in mid-2020 with total completion of 97.4 million square feet and at the end of the year 2020, it was up to 107 million square feet.  A number of small chain models were being introduced and transformed in days which generally took months for the same process.

Two of the biggest playersin this world are Amazon and Walmart. Amazon builds fulfilment centers that are able to feed regional sort centers.  They are also known as delivery stations. These facilities are 1 million square feet or more. Walmart holds one of the largest distribution operations in the world and had 143 million square feet of chain supply.

Both small and large markets across the country have received benefits. Major industry experts look at the demand of warehouse and DC’s and checks for the size. Some Industry experts thinks that an increasing number of companies need quick and fast constructions for increasing Warehouses and DC space.

So basically this demand in Warehouses and DC’s  has made a great impact on these E-commerce services. Due to Covid-19 the amount of E-commerce has been increased rapidly. Therefore, hyper-local fulfillment is one of the major aspects in which companies may want to use to compete in E-commerce.

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