The Importance of Finding the Right Talent for Your Distribution Center

October 7, 2018

As e-commerce continues to increase in popularity, so, too, does the demand for e-commerce fulfillment centers and the individuals they employ. However, many business owners may not suspect they will need a lot of employees, due to the increase in automation. Here’s what you need to know about finding the right talent for your distribution center.

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Automation Isn’t Everything

While it is true that Amazon and companies like it started the automation trend that’s now taking over hundreds of distribution centers, this technology has yet to be able to replace human hands completely.

Granted, robots offer a far higher efficiency than humans do, being able to pick orders, transfer products to their respective departments, and complete similar tasks. However, the needs of these centers go well beyond that for automation.

Positions Requiring Human Talent

Your distribution center needs to fill many positions. Order fillers are needed to pick products and operate machinery to get them from one department to another. Receivers operate computers as they inventory and tag pallets.

Floor supervisors and safety personnel ensure workers are operating machinery in a safe manner, and that their workplace is free of materials that can threaten their health. Loss prevention and building security are the jobs of asset protection specialists, while maintenance workers keep all the machines in your center working at optimal levels.

Without the right talent, your center’s ability to fill orders safely, quickly, and correctly is drastically compromised.

Finding the Talent You Need

There is more than one option when it’s time to look for the talent you require. You can go it alone by searching for talent within your existing pool of employees. However, this tactic won’t guarantee that you’ll get the right person for the job.

You can also try to recruit help by advertising, which can get you the right person if you have the resources to screen and process the volume of applicants you’ll be receiving as a result.

Another way to go about getting qualified personnel is to enlist a warehouse recruiter. These specialists are focused on finding you the right talent, and they have many tools on hand to accomplish this.

Secrets of Warehouse Recruiters

Warehouse recruiters use tactics and special skills to find the talent you need. Because of their large pools of connections and inside industry knowledge, a recruiter won’t have to advertise. This means a far smaller number of potential candidates and a higher chance they’ll be right for the job.

Recruiters also possess intimate industry knowledge. As such, they can advise you on the right salary to offer, as well as predict trends in your market and anticipate future skills needed for employees.

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Finally, recruiters know how to use digital tools like computer simulation to assess the skills and knowledge of applicants so that you don’t have to.

The need for the right talent means finding the right recruiter. Delrecruiters knows how to get you the talent you need; email da***@ww*.com today to learn more.

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