WalMart looks to drones to speed distribution

September 30, 2020

WalMart is considered as the country’s largest retailer. It sounds quite shocking but it’s actually true that companies are moving towards the next step of working with technology. Wal-Mart is now testing the use of flying drones to handle inventory in their warehouses.

Is this a successful plan?

Well, it sounds like a perfect plan. Even though the company has confirmed that in the next six to nine months the drones may be used in one or more distribution centers.

The Demonstration Session

The drone speed distribution session amazed the audience as a drone moved up and down and then packed nearly to the ceiling along with the boxes.

Amazing feature: During the demonstration, the drone near the ceiling was well capable of clicking 30 pictures per second.

Affect On Employes

The drone is well capable of doing most of the tasks but it has also become a stressed issue for employers because it means that fewer workers will be needed to take stock and replace the missing items. The firm may deploy workers to other warehouses.

” In a statement by Walmart, it was committed by them that they have spent 2.7 billion on labor, technology, and other investments which even includes improving the website and e-commerce section.”

The reason behind such technology up-gradation by Wal-Mart.

Even if we just talk about the United States, Walmart operates 150 distribution centers and each one serves 100-150 stores. If we study the time span it can be said easily that millions of items move from one place to another each week and the fleet includes 6500 to 8000 trucks.

Upgrading technology on such a level is a great direction in terms of accuracy and speed of work. Items will be distributed properly and easily if they are arranged properly in the warehouse. A properly arranged warehouse reduces item wastage.

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