Where WMS fits in the supply chain

May 16, 2021

WMS (Warehouse Management System) is the backbone of logistic service. However, a warehouse management is the combination of technology and compartment to grasp the goods and products. WMS is a system incorporated with software’s and operations; with the help of this, organizations can take an eye on warehouse processes such as the timing of goods, quantity of goods and material, and move out.

Functioning logistic service efficiency is not imaginable without WMS as it’s the key connector that successfully runs the supply chain. It helps in stepping up the logistics and transportation field by ensuring timely delivery of the product at the right place in a cost-efficient manner. WMS ensures the efficient function of product delivery, including accurate movements, picking, receiving, tracking and settlement.

WMS attain all the features that a supply chain seeks; it improves the accountability of the supply chain by allowing quick, accurate, and efficient warehouse processes. WMS operates assorted processes, including management of the orders, fulfillment process, receiving raw materials to shipping it in final goods, and many more.

Keyholder of supply chain

The role of WMS is vital compared to all the processes of the supply chain, such as ERP and TMS. It manages order picking and fulfilment, inventory tracking, shipping, and security of the product (shipping the product to various warehouses and distributing received goods), and labour management. All these practices determine the effective and safe supply of the product. Along with this, the work process of ERP also depends on its functionality as it provides the inventory management details to ERP that updates the latest information; however, ERP’s functionality is interlinked with the performance of warehouse management systems.

Furthermore, various WMS practices are utilized as per the nature of the organization that supports supply chain and effective growth to the organizations.

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