Hiring The Best: Top Qualities of Top Employees

September 27, 2018

Human resources are the most valuable resources of any company. When the time and money invested in training and onboarding even entry level employees is considered, the need for careful screening and hiring becomes glaringly obvious. Knowing how to spot top employees before they even start work will help companies ensure they are getting the best return on their human resources investment. Retail and warehouse recruiters can help, relieving companies of the burden of finding employees and screening them.

store clerk handing off shopping bagsEmployee Replacement Costs

Companies spend a tremendous amount of money on hiring and training new workers. Part of that money is spent on the hiring process, as human resources personnel and managers spend hours of valuable time sorting through applications, conducting interviews, and winnowing the field to the best candidates. Another cost involves money spent on training new employees and getting them up to speed on how their employer does business.

When workers quit or if they prove to be a bad fit for their jobs, all that money invested by the company is lost. Estimates on the cost of employee turnover vary greatly. According to SHMR, the cost of replacing a salaried employee costs between six and nine months’ salary on average. Other industry experts estimate the cost of replacing a salaried employee costs almost double that employee’s salary, particularly for top level employees.

Most analysts agree that the cost of replacing highly educated employees with specific skills is much more costly than that of replacing entry or mid-level employees. Even high turnover, low-paying jobs have significant replacement costs, however. A CAP study found that for employees earning less than $30,000 per year, the cost of replacement is around 16 percent of annual salary.

According to CNBC, the retail industry had a turnover rate of about 74.9 percent in 2013. Companies that can reduce their turnover rate will see significant savings in training and other onboarding costs. The best retail headhunters and warehouse recruiters can help companies avoid losing money on replacing employees by making sure they hire the right people the first time. These companies identify motivated, qualified individuals and direct them to companies in need of their skills.

Five Traits of Exceptional Employees

Whether they’re working in the board room or the mail room, there are some traits shared by all of the best employees. Identifying people with these characteristics and hiring them can help companies get the most of their human resources investment:

  • Competitive Drive – The very best employees are driven by a desire to be the best in their respective fields. Top employees don’t make excuses, they make things happen. Retail and warehousing companies can benefit from having these self-motivated employees on staff, as their desire to compete will lead to continually improving performance and productivity. Competitive spirit is also often contagious, and workers with a strong competitive drive can often serve to motivate employees around them to step up their game.
  • Ready to Embrace Change – Retail and warehousing, like many other industries, are beginning to realize the efficiency and productivity new technologies can provide. Whether its portable point-of-sale devices and software, inventory tracking programs, or other technological tools, workers need to be ready and eager to learn how technology can make them more effective. A positive attitude toward change and an interest in technology are strong personal characteristics for employees to have. Retail and warehouse recruiters can help companies find forward-looking candidates for management and other positions.
  • Self-Discipline – Retail and warehouse workers must be trusted to work independently, as they often must work with minimal supervision. Self-disciplined employees will clock in on time, stay on task, and can be trusted to take care of necessary tasks without regular prompting from management.
  • Integrity – Theft and employee dishonesty are leading causes of loss in retail and warehouse environments. According to industry experts, employee theft has been rising in recent years. In 2012, Jack Hayes International estimated that more than 71,000 dishonest employees were apprehended, up 5.5 percent from the previous year. About one in 40 employees steal from retail employers, and a survey of more than 20 of the largest retailers found that they experienced more than $50 million in losses related to employee-related theft.
  • The best retail headhunters can help retail companies find employees with high personal integrity, thus reducing those companies’ risk of loss from internal theft and dishonesty.
  • Dedication to customer service – Retail employees must be friendly and customer-focused. These employees are the main point of contact between the company and its customers, so they need to have the people skills needed to make sales and assist customers. Dedication to customer service is important in warehousing and distribution as well, even though these employees will not have as much direct interaction with customers.
  • Multi-tasking – Employees need to be able to handle more than one task at a time. Retail employees must often shift between straightening store displays and helping customers. Warehouse employees will need to be flexible in alternating between stocking and data entry, among other tasks. Recruiting companies can help retailers and warehousing businesses locate employees who are mentally agile and can move from task to task with little disruption.

Headhunting Companies Narrow the Field

Recruitment companies help companies identify employees with the traits listed above. They accomplish this by establishing pools of qualified candidates with a highly developed and refined employment pre-screening process that asks the right questions.

Delrecruiters is a recruiting company providing headhunting services for companies in retail and warehousing. Delrecuiters helps connect clients to pools of highly qualified, motivated candidates with field-specific skills. In business for more than 14 years, Delrecruiters helps clients screen and assess employees, ensuring that they get the right people for available positions.

With the help of Delrecruiters, companies can avoid bad fits for their business and get quality candidates who will perform well in warehouses or retail stores and who will stick around, thus allowing these businesses to get the maximum return on the effort they put into hiring and training new employees.







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