How To Handle Chronic Complainers

October 18, 2021

Finding a chronic complainer at work or anywhere is normal. They may not have a negative vision of life at all, but they still need you to know that nothing is ever truly good enough. Chronic complainers may even be relatively positive people who don’t actually know how to express themselves in a positive light, so it’s important you approach them the right way.

Here are few ways to deal with chronic complainers:

Hear them out

The only reason anyone would need to complain about an issue multiple times is if they didn’t feel heard the first time. Sometimes actions like responding too quickly, nodding too fast, looking somewhere else make them feel unheard and they come up again with the complaints. Listening to them properly to make them feel that they are heard precisely is one of the effective ways to deal with such people.

Showing sympathy

Expressing sympathy through words and actions might help to some extent. Most of the time, validation and sympathy is enough to soothe any chronic complainer. Express sympathy as best you can and try to make it authentic.

Redirecting conversation

Not changing the topic abruptly but redirecting the conversation slowly might help in dealing with chronic complainers. Listening to them well and then starting up some other topics until you can liberate yourself from the conversation.

Offer them short and crisp suggestions

Complainers aren’t usually looking for advice despite the fact that they want to share their problems all the time. If they ask for advice, it’s best to keep it short and gentle. Chances are that they will reject it but when you recognize a help-rejecting complainer, ask them how they expect to correct their problem. Such lines will push them to think hard or stop them to move forward with their complaints.

Final Thoughts 

Chronic complainers can be bothersome, disruptive, and harsh, but it’s possible to keep your calm and assist them along the way. You can use the ways to deal with them effectively and handle them rightly.

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