October 1, 2021

Everything is changing so quickly these days. Things are taking different shapes and people need to move with these trends to keep up the pace. Like anything, the workplace is also evolving promptly and the influence of pandemic shaped business activities differently. Managers are facing novel challenges when it comes to recruiting and selecting an appropriate candidate for a particular role. Having become a whole new challenge, many companies prefer to outsource the recruitment instead of conducting in-house recruitment. This helps them get the best talents in the market. 

To stay ahead in the industry, recruiters are required to follow the latest trends which are as follows:

Attention to Remote Recruitment 

Covid-19 reshaped the working culture and nowadays every company is offering a work-from-home facility. This remote work transformation will be prevalent for a long time, pushing recruiters to align with the remote recruitment process and promote remote talent procurement and retention in 2022 and beyond.

Automation in HR

HR automation tools are frequently employed by recruiters in their tasks. These integrated technology solutions help to find, attract, engage, nurture, and transform candidates to become applicants. By automating the hiring process, these tools help streamline recruitment, making it more effective and quicker.

The significant role of employer branding

The effect of an employer’s brand is authentic and compelling. A strong talent brand helps in building a dynamic workforce and influences a brand’s success. An employer brand dictates if strong candidates will join you or your competitor. Hence, the companies should focus on building and maintaining an employer brand to obtain and retain talents.

Recruiters should be niche experts

To acquire a suitable candidate, recruiters are expected to become niche experts. They need to know the ins and outs of the particular niche to efficiently recruit for complicated and niche-based roles.

Use of multiple Channels

Candidates are spread everywhere. This drives recruiters to opt for all the possible channels to source candidates. Depending on a single channel will not work in 2022. Engaging potential employees across all relevant touchpoints is important if the recruiters are using several channels for recruitment.

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