Ways to Optimize Your WMS Investment

September 17, 2021

With the development of the e-commerce business, the warehouse has to move enormous numbers of tiny orders.  Now more than ever, and that is why they are constantly attempting to automate their process. They are  looking for technologies that can accommodate them optimally utilize both human and physical resources.

The warehouse management system (WMS) is the highest level of investment for any fast-paced fulfillment center. WMS software leads inventory receiving and put-away, optimizes collection and transportation of orders, and advocates inventory replenishment.

Although the WMS is a great savior and supports the warehouse and the many improvements from it, still many companies are not taking  advantage or we can say WMS is being underutilized by many firms.

Here are few ways to optimize Optimize Your WMS Investment

The Practice of WES Functionalities


The internet businesses are getting small orders in huge numbers. There is a need to support these picking and present better connections to automated equipment. WMS users can employ warehouse execution (WES) system functionalities in their solutions for a better pickup and connection.


Parcel Manifestation

WMS can be applied for cartonization-type functionality, with the software factoring in the size and dimensions of these items being picked. Shippers take advantage of WMS that produce robust, parcel-manifesting engines.

Wave Processing 

WMS can recognize and group e-commerce orders in a wave, and then deliver them to the floor for exceptional packing, handling, and processing. WMS can perform a pivotal position in this effort since wave processing is another ability that the software can handle adequately.

 Effective planning

Applying AI or another latest technology encourages fulfillment centers to plan more productively. Logistics managers can promptly classify constraints (e.g., lack of labor, equipment that’s offline, random demand, etc.) To take practical decisions and make useful strategies, companies can adopt WMS as it is well-positioned to support logistics managers to employ some of the corresponding constraints-based planning strategies.

Final Thoughts

WMS is an asset that can reap infinite profits to the warehouse industry. It is just a matter of its utilization. Fulfillment companies should learn to use it efficiently.

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